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I recently spent a few days in Manhattan, New York, visiting my dear friend and colleague, Glenn Plaskin.  Glenn has an amazing view of the Hudson River and as the sun rose I could see the Statute of Liberty, a shining reminder to me of America.  What a spectacular site and an incredible place to live. 

Glenn is the author of three books, as well as co-writing a book with a high profile motivational speaker.  Each time I visit Glenn I learn more about the art of writing and become inspired to write more.  As he described the writing projects he is currently working on and shared his work with me, I was once again amazed by his absolute brilliance.  He is truly an artist with words.  I asked Glenn, what is your secret?  How do you write?  I wanted to know how he could simply sit down and create his writing magic.  So we talked about writing, I read his writing, we went to Barnes & Noble, where I bought 4 books on writing, and now I find myself wanting to write about writing. 

Here’s what Glenn shared with me about creating writing magic: 

His secret?  He prepares.  Glenn has a writing “ritual”.  How does he prepare?  His daily writing session is in the morning.  He gets up, exercises, eats breakfast and gets ready for the day.  He writes at his computer in his office overlooking the Hudson River.   Before he sits down to write, he clears his desk of any papers or other business.  He makes sure he will not be distracted by any noise and turns off the phone and internet.  He even spray cleans his desktop so he has a perfectly clean slate to work on.  Any and all distractions are cleared from his work area, Glenn believes the less distractions, the better. 

How does he create magic? He has a specific task in mind which he writes down and says to himself several times, i.e., I will: 

  • Write 5 pages
  • Finish writing pages 9-17
  • Create the Chapter Titles for Chapters 1-5
  • Write the first draft of the Introduction

Except for water or to use the bathroom, he does not get up from his desk.  he focuses on his task at hand and as he lets his mind embrace his assignment, the words begin to flow and appear on the page.  Visiting with and watching Glenn write has been extraordinary.  What I have found to be true is that everyone has a writing ritual, script or method to prepare to write.  What’s yours? 

If you don’t know, it is worth finding out as once you have determined what it is, you can create your own magic – anytime you wish.  To learn how to create your writing ritual, read my blog on Writer’s Start Your Engines!  

To learn more about Glenn Plaskin, visit

To your writing success!

Ann McIndoo, your Author’s Coach

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