A new book by Justin Sachs, The Power of Persistence, is being launched on Thursday, November 19.  The book is a collection of success stories by his teachers, mentors and leaders where persistence paid an important role in their success.  When he told me about the book, I thought it was a great idea, when he asked me to contribute a chapter, I was honored.  When I saw the manuscript, I was blown away to see my chapter is first!  Wow!  I am very honored and wanted to share it with you.  Here is Chapter 1 of Justin Sachs’ new book, The Power of Persistence. 

One Step at a Time

by Ann McIndoo

“Persistence is like mowing the lawn, one blade at a time.”

– Ann McIndoo,  Author’s Coach

Whatever it is you desire, there is always a strategy, tool or resource to get it.  Whether your desire is business or personal, persistence is one of the most powerful tools you can use to get what you wish for.  When I look at the wins and victories I have enjoyed, persistence always comes up as one of the most effective tools I have used to achieve success. 

What is persistence?  I learned through both success and failure that persistence is to keep moving forward, no matter what, until you reach your goal or achieve your outcome.  Persistence means to not let anything deter you from your quest.  Do not let distractions in the form of other people and their agendas, low priority or unrelated items, other personal or business matters, interrupt, cause doubt or stop you.  You must keep moving forward, even if it is just one small step.  Remember the old proverb, a journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step?  Take one step, then another, then another, this will create momentum.  The importance of momentum is critical.  As long as you have momentum, and persist, there is no stopping you. 

 What does the Power of Persistence give you?  A plan of action, steps to keep moving forward, a goal to work on, a huge victory or reward when you persist to success.  I have always begun a project with 3 things in mind:

To purchase your own copy of the entire book:  www.PowerOfPersistenceBook.com  

To purchase your own copy of the entire book:  www.PowerOfPersistenceBook.com  

  • Knowing my outcome;
  • Having a plan to implement ; and
  • Taking massive and consistent action.

How do I use my persistence?  The key is to decide what you want so the act of persisting to achieve your goal is a normal course of action.  Once you decide what you want, you can create a plan to implement it and begin your consistent action to reach your goal, then you can actually be persistent.  Being persistent, not giving up or letting anything deter you, is a critical component to being successful. 

The Magic of Persistence is everywhere.  Persistence has been a powerful strategy for me, especially in business.  Using persistence, I have:

  • Achieved many of my goals.
  • Kept moving forward toward obtaining a goal or completing a goal, even when I wanted to stop or give up.  My powerful friend, persistence, kept me going. 
  • Solved a problem, dilemma, or challenge.
  • Taken advantage of an opportunity.
  • Kept me strong in a leadership role.
  • Enjoyed the victory!

There are many benefits to being persistent, especially if you know what you want and where you are going. 

One of my biggest victories has been starting an industry trend.  In the 1980’s when personal computers were being introduced, I started a company called Computer Training Services.  I began teaching people how to use computers.  No one else was doing it at that time.  I didn’t let it stop me.  I saw a need and I filled it.  I made a plan, took action and became the first and largest computer training company in the United States.  I taught over 15,000 people how to use a PC.  It was very lucrative. 

Another huge win and personal favorite has been becoming a successful Author’s Coach.  When I started my business, there were lots of people who gave me a polite nod, or a quizzical look when I told them what I did.  I did not let their doubt stop me.  I kept writing, creating, taking steps on my action plan and building my business, one step at a time.  The result? 

  • A fun and profitable business that allows me to create and have the lifestyle I desire.
  • I have helped authors produce more than 250 books since January of 2005.
  • I have helped dozens of people make their book writing dream come true. 
  • I have helped make a difference by getting books out into the world.
  • Most importantly, I enjoy what I do and I am living my passion. 

What is my Power of Persistence strategy?  What is my winning formula?  Here’s what I do to persist:

  • Decide what my goal or desire is in great detail.  I think it, visualize it, write it down, describe it out loud, share it with a couple of people to get feedback and input.  Read your formula for success every day and see it, believe it.
  • Create an Action Plan – a step-by-step action list of what I need to do to make it happen. 
  • Take massive actions.  First SCHEDULE your steps and then TAKE them!  Mark your calendar as to when you are going to complete each step. 
  • Don’t give up – keep doing it!  No matter what, as long as your goal is the same, keep moving forward. 
  • Check your results.  Are your action steps getting you closer to what you want?  If so, keep doing it.  If not:
  • Change your approach.  See what’s working and what needs to be improved.  Make the changes and take another step. 
  • Keep moving forward.  See the win, feel the victory.  Imagine what life is going to be like when you reach your goal. 

How do you get persistence in your life?  Create it for yourself – decide that you will take action to meet your goals.  I have found that I can only be persistent about something I truly care about or really want.  That’s why it is important to decide what it is you want.  Want to be persistent?  Decide to be!

How do you make sure your persistence doesn’t waiver or you don’t lose it?  See the win, every day, and keep it alive.  Take a step toward your victory every day and reward yourself for each landmark you reach on your journey toward your goal.

Many years ago, I learned the lesson and value of persistence when I decided I wanted to get a puppy.  I went to the local animal shelter to get my new pet.  I began walking up and down the rows of cages with dogs of all shapes, colors and sizes barking and jumping all over each other to get my attention.  As I went down row after row looking for my special dog, not only were there hundreds of dogs to choose from, but 20, 30, 40 rows of dog cages to walk through.  I was becoming overwhelmed from the huge lot to choose from and I soon realized I was also very tired from walking on the cold concrete. 

As I reached the end of the 40th row, and had not seen the dog that I knew I should take home, I was tired, thirsty and saddened that I had not found my puppy.  I wanted to go home with my dog that day.  As I reached the end of the last row, disappointed that I had not found my new dog, I saw an employee and asked if there were any more dogs.  She gave me that “haven’t you seen enough” look, and pointed to a little enclosure about 150 feet away.  It looked so far away, but I really wanted my dog so I trudged over to the enclosure to see what was there.  There were 5 cages and it was pretty quiet.  I walked to the first cage and it was empty!  The second cage – empty, third cage, empty. Finally, I reached the fourth cage, empty!  There were no dogs here!  I must have misunderstood the employee’s directions. 

I turned around and began walking back to the lobby when I remembered my promise to myself, I would find my dog today.  I turned around again and walked back to the fifth cage,.  I glanced in and saw nothing.  Then I made myself walk all the way to the end of the cage and there, in the corner, all curled up in a tight little ball, was a little black and white puppy.  There was no jumping, no whining, just two sad little eyes looking up at me.  When I tapped on the cage and said, “Hey, little puppy”, the puppy wagged the tip of its long tale and I instantly knew this dog was mine. 

As it turned out, the puppy was going to be put down that evening and had less than a couple of hours to live.  I had saved her life.  I took her  home with me that day and named her Megan.  She was my Meggie and I had her for 14 wonderful years, she was the best dog I ever had.  My persistence had paid off. 

Persist and your dreams will come true.  Reward yourself for each step you take, and remember to enjoy the journey. 

Ann McIndoo,  Author, Write Your Book!

To purchase your own copy of the entire book:  www.PowerOfPersistenceBook.com

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