Swami book coverI’d like to introduce you to one of our Authors, Swami Sadashiva Tirtha.  Swamiji has written a fabulous book for college students called The Stress-Free College Student: Natural Tips for a Happier Campus Life.

His book is an engaging read with easy-to-access relaxation tools to help students have a more productive study time and enjoyable social activities.  Stress management tips are offered for all areas of college life—workload, finances, social life, health, emotions, and spirit/self-worth.

Students can find quick inspiration from pertinent quotes, transformative photos, and topic-related cartoons.  They can also benefit from reading natural tips and success stories from other students using these stress-management tools.

Ironically, college stress is at an all-time high, just when natural stress-management therapies have become accepted and scientifically validated!  The tips in this book can help reduce the 50% dropout and 50% depression rates of students in college.  Swamiji is honored to help transform the college experience to be more manageable and enjoyable, so the next generation will have a better quality of life.

Swamiji also has a very cool website that offers a lot of trainings and information such as:

  • Visionary Leadership Thought Course
  • Medical Intuitive Training
  • Vital Longevity Training for Seniors
  • Live Events
  • Breakthrough Blog
  • And more!

Here’s what he has to say about writing his book with my method, “Ann’s Write your Book in 90 Days training helped me with the biggest task, envisioning the big-picture structure.  Once that was done it was easy filling in the blanks.”

Check him out at http://TheHipGurusGuide.com

Thanks Swamiji, for the huge contribution you are making to the world!

Big Hugs,


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