headshot bootcamp #3I’d like to introduce you to our new Author, Dr. Richard Robson, who is a chiropractor from Thunder Bay, Ontario. Dr. Robson has created a book on a topic that is near and dear to all of us, our bodies!

He believes that while that wiggle of yours might be cute, it may have serious consequences in the long run.  In his new book, The Wiggle in Your Walk Must Go!, Dr. Robson details what is causing that “hitch” in your gait and why it might be dangerous, especially in women.

It is easy to take for granted the marvel and complexity of those things that we do without thinking, walking for instance.  The modern human gait is a sophisticated choreography of balance and motion that has evolved over millions of years.  And we rarely think about it until something changes.  If you have begun to notice a small hitch in your step, it could be the precursor to major back problems, especially in women.

Dr. Robson wants to help you recognize and isolate the wiggle in your walk and help head off future lower back issues.  You will learn how to identify and eliminate your wiggle and take back your natural gait once and for all.

For most of his 36 years in practice Dr. Robson has been teaching his wiggle theory to patients and the public stressing that the wiggle in our walk is often the first step in a series of steps leading to lower back and pelvic pain and arthritis.

This book will take you through the process of determining if you have a wiggle and then through a series of illustrations and pictures you will be shown how to test for the muscle imbalances associated with your wiggle. Then you can build your own specific exercise program using the handy exercise chart.

And I thought my wiggle was just cute!  ????????????

Congratulations Dr. Robson!



You can find The Wiggle in Your Walk Must Go! on Amazon

Dr. Robson is available for interviews and appearances


(807) 345-1351            email – rrchiro@shaw.ca

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