Certified Financial Planner, Maureen Richardson, has hit a homerun with her topic and new book on marriage and money.  Based on her own true life decisions, past mistakes and new insights she gives solid, well-rounded money advice for all couples who are getting married or already in a marriage.

The chapter on the Recipe for Financial Success is especially insightful as it gives couples a team roadmap to follow together for money harmony.  There are helpful topics such as paying yourself first, tracking your spending and staying out of debt.

Maureen has created “The Smart System” which is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely system of goal setting. This system will help couples make important decisions when it comes to buying a house, deciding to have kids, making plans for retirement or taking that dream vacation.

We all want a fabulous and financial harmonious relationship, don’t we? Thank you Maureen for creating your book that is easy to read, has down-to-earth information, advice and real stories on how to accomplish this!

Check out  Maureen’s book at www.tilmoneydouspartbook.com.

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