Wow! What a great weekend! I’ve been in Dublin, Ireland this past week and my stay at the Shelbourne on St. Stevens, a beautiful hotel built in 1824 has been exquisite! The entire experience – being a guest, dining, their outstanding service and my gorgeous room were fantastic. I was able to spend two days exploring and site seeing in Dublin. It is a beautiful city and I found Dublin to be very visitor friendly and its population eager to learn, hungry for information and wonderful hosts.

I’m leaving Dublin for home in Palm Springs, California, today. I will miss the friendly faces at Foley’s where I had homemade lunch each day – I especially liked their Irish stew! I shared “a pint” with a few of my classmates from Matt Bacak’s MII event as you can’t be in Dublin without enjoying an Guiness! It has been a great trip.

There were many of my students from my Author’s Workshop in Matt’s class with me. It was wonderful to hear about their book ideas and gratifying to see how excited they were about beginning their book writing journey. It was like sending your children to their first day of school, although they are a little nervous, you know they are going to experience a wonderful new world. I have been invited back to do another workshop in the fall and look forward to going back to Dublin.

As I mentioned yesterday, Matt Bacak’s MII (Millionaire Internet Intensive) event was fantastic. Matt shared many of his own secret strategies for driving traffic to your site and converting them into sales. It was worth every minute and every $$ coming to Dublin to attend this event. Matt is having an Internet Marketing Madness event later this month in Atlanta – if you want to learn how to sell your books and products on the internet, I highly recommend attending his event.

Talk to you soon!

Ann McIndoo, your Author’s Coach

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