I was invited to attend the Palm Springs Book Club on Sunday which meets the first Sunday of every month. I treasure my Sundays so I was a little hesitant to accept, I said yes, however, when I learned the speaker was going to talk about the transition of his book into a movie. This is definitely something I am very interested in learning more about as I wrote a screenplay called “Heartbeats in Paris”, a funny little love story with some very cool twists. There was a great turnout for the workshop and the speaker shared his story about his four year journey on transforming some ideas he wrote into a movie. He shared that what started out as an urge to write something in his heart is now on its way to the big screen. What a transformation!

What has transformed in your life, how have you transformed, what could you write about it?

I know that my book writing business has transformed in many ways. What started out as helping professionals get their books out of their heads, led to editing, publishing, launching and now creating the business of their books online. It has transformed into my “Author’s Business School”, a program to write your book, create ancillary products, build your online $$$ making machine and launch your book. Transformation can produce extraordinary results. What can you transform today?

See you in the bookstores!

Ann McIndoo, Your Authors Coach

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