head shotCongratulations to new Author Eliakim Thorpe for creating a fabulous book, Transforming A Life of Struggle into One of F.O.R.T.U.N.E. This book speaks to all men (and women too) who want to feel significant in their lives and work, and make a difference with their contribution. It’s a timely book, ripe and ready for all of us who need guidance through the turbulence of transforming ourselves and becoming people of substance.

He tells us, “Unlike the Fortune 500 man, the F.O.R.T.U.N.E. man is one who defines his success by something other than the tangible. He is led by his spiritual values. He is an individual who does not place more value on money and career than on ethics, standards, family, friends, God, and his own integrity. He is a man who is a shining light in the midst of a dark world, someone who blesses others.”

Eliakim lives the principles he outlines in his book; he is a man of honesty and honor. He’s a minister and sought-after transformational speaker who shares his corporate, spiritual, and family values to help profoundly change and strengthen other individuals and families. He is a consultant and an authority on teaching others how to create a lasting legacy and how to live with passion and purpose.

To deliver his powerful message, Eliakim uses from his extensive knowledge as an IT professional, working with and consulting for Fortune 10 and Fortune 100 companies such as IBM, Whirlpool, General Motors, Chrysler, Pfizer and many others. He also draws experience from his ministries, his role as a husband and father, as well as the proficiency of running his own businesses.

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The essence and character of a purpose-driven man:
FFearless: The key to overcoming fear lies in your unwavering commitment to your faith and personal contact with God.
OOriginal: Men, it is your originality, uniqueness, and distinctiveness that is needed to change the world.
R Resilient: Resilience in a man’s life is of critical importance because it allows him to usher in a new liberty and a new freedom in his own life.
TTrustworthy: Trustworthiness is cultivating a level of transparency by which one has the ability to be honest. When we lie, we deceive only ourselves.
UUncompromising: Popular culture, TV, media, and print do their best to condition us to make compromises in what we believe; however, a man must be uncompromising in his stance against right and wrong.
NNoble: Every man carries within himself a sense of nobility. It is a quality of being honorable, excellent, and of high regard. Many men mistakenly base their regard on what they have instead of who they are.
EEthical: Being ethical is a man’s ability to live according to his own philosophy which has been developed, sharpened, and perfected through life experiences. It is a disciplined psychology.

Eliakim has also produced an online course for those interested in developing themselves further, check it out here:

You can purchase the book directly from the publisher, KrullStone Publishing, at
www.krullstonepublishing.com/eliakim-thorpe.html or on Amazon.com

Congratulations again, Eliakim! Wishing you much success,

Contact Eliakim Thorpe at:
Phone: 269-760-1571
Fax: 269-200-3088
email: admin@EliakimThorpeSpeaks.com
website: www.EliakimThorpeSpeaks.com

book website:  www.alifeoffortune.com



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