How far can $97 really go?  Here’s what I just found out…

·        It can feed 600 school kids for 1 day

·        It can pay a full-time teacher for 1 month!

It’s part of a campaign master marketer Armand Morin has put together in order to raise money for a charity called World Teacher Aid.

What is $97 worth to you?  Well, that’s where Armand has tipped the scales in your favor.  Click on the link below and you’ll see an amazing gift Armand and his circle of extraordinary internet marketers will give you for your donation to World Teacher Aid.  If you know anything about Armand and the level of massive value he provides, you won’t be disappointed.

After watching the video you’ll understand why so many people have given much more than $97.  This campaign ends soon so click the link below right now and join in.


Ann McIndoo, your Author’s Coach


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