Have you thought of writing a book but didn’t know how to get started?  Have you started writing your book and wondered, can I really write a book?  Let’s take a minute and talk about who can write a book and what makes a great book.   To find out if you can write a book, answer the following questions:

*  Are you an authority on a subject?  

Do you possess a skill that others wish to learn? 

Do you have specialized knowledge? 

*  Do you have a burning desire to tell a story, share information or teach others? 

Can you talk about your subject?

If you answered yes to ANY one of these questions, yes, you CAN write a book!  You have desired information.

Now that you know you can write a book, let’s talk about what makes a great book.  As you know, a book is information organized and presented in a logical manner.    

So what makes a great book?  A profitable book?  A best seller  A profitable best selling book is one that is unique and different, a book that offers true value and real results. 

*  Is your information unique? 

*  What makes your material valueable?  Different?  Unique

*  Do you have a blog?

*  If you have a blog, do you have a consistent and growing readership?

These are ingredients that can create a great book.   So who can write a book?  Anyone with unique and different information, experiences, processes, strategies and techniques.  You can take your knowledge, experience and information and transform it into a book.    To your writing success! Ann McIndoo
Author’s Coach

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