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Ann McIndoo, The Author’s Coach
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If you have listened to my complimentary program, Author Talk, which is designed for authors and entrepreneurs and hosted by myself as well as amazing guest authors, then I know you are already enjoying the benefits of working together!  If you have not signed up for my other FREE Author’s Writing Program, I suggest you try it today, you will be delighted and learn how to get started to write your book.

At www.AuthorsOnlineCourse.com, you will discover how to prepare to write your book by learning how to use my three powerful writer’s tools to use anytime, anywhere.  You will create a power-packed writing strategy in less than fifteen minutes!  On demand writing has never been easier.  And, did I mention it’s FREE?!

To get started, simply:

  1. Go to www.AuthorsOnlineCourse.com
  2. Type in your Name and eMail
  3. Press the Start button
  1. Congrats! You are now enrolled in my FREE Author’s Online Course!


Whether you are getting ready to write your book, in college and need to prepare a report, or write articles for your career, this class will help you hone your skills as a writer using my Writer’s Power Tools.   And that is exactly why you signed up – you are ready to take your writing skills to a new level!  I wish you good luck and much success!

Ann McIndoo
The Author’s Coach

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