Write a Book:  Get to Know Your Investment
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Ann McIndoo, The Author’s Coach
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As a business owner for more than 30 years (yikes!) and a constant student of learning how to grow my business, widen my audience and learn a specific strategy like building a website or creating a webinar, I know the pitfalls of blindly trusting miscellaneous programs and services that promise their product to be the best with little proof of merit or integrity.  The business place can be a scary world when it comes to trusting others with your assets, your business plans, or your money.

That is why I invite you to join one of the thousands of people I have helped by attending one of my FREE courses and learn about writing your book.  Come spend time with me and see what I am all about, and ask me any question you want about writing, marketing, publishing, or advertising your book – because you deserve to have your questions answered by a professional before you make a commitment to buy their services.

One of my complimentary programs is Author Talk.  Created in 2016, it is a monthly live call with me, Ann McIndoo, where I will share thirty minutes of content, give you author’s resources, and then a Q & A session so you can learn exactly why a book can help further grow your business, and why I am the expert to make it happen.  I often invite expert guest speakers / authors who I have personally worked with.  All of the Author Talk calls I conducted are recorded.  In case you missed it –  it is FREE!  Listen when you have an opportunity and take the next step in your author’s journey.

Another FREE program is my Author’s Writing Tools class that you can find at www.authorsonlinecourse.com.  Here is a quick and informative online class that will gift you a power-packed writing strategy in fifteen minutes.  I will also share with you my Three Writer’s Power Tools for writing anytime, anywhere, as well as on demand writing for online writing classes.  Did I mention it was FREE?!

Here are two great ways to catch a small glimpse of what my services have to offer, and if you join me for Author Talk – you can find out much, much more.  I am here to help you along your journey to becoming a published AND profitable author and happy to answer your questions.

Give me a call and let’s get you started!

Ann McIndoo
The Author’s Coach

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