How would you like to create your very own Writer’s Power Tools and be able to write “on demand”?  I know, it sounds like a pretty big promise, but it’s true.  You can.  Using your Writer’s Power Tools™, you can write anytime you want to!

 So what are the Writer’s Power Tools™ and why do you want a set of your own?  Happy you asked!  The Writer’s Power Tools™ is a technology I created to prepare myself to write.  Just like stretching before you exercise or taking a few practice swings before you play golf, the first thing you want to do before you begin writing is to prepare to write.    The Writer’s Power Tools™ are your:  1)      Power Script:  What you say to yourself as you prepare to write2)      Power Move:  How you prepare your body3)      Power Anchors:  Your writing environment 

These three tools used together is the key that opens the door to your creative zone and allows you to write “on demand”.  What is really amazing is that you can enter your creative zone anytime you wish!  As often as you like!  I do it myself, every time, before I write.  

How can you create your own personal Writer’s Power Tools™?  It’s very easy, simply ask yourself questions about what you do before and during your writing session.  Make a note of what you say to yourself before you get ready to write.  What do you do to get ready to write?  Where do you do your best writing?  Notice these details as they are the components of your personal writing scripts.   

Here is quick overview of how to create your Writer’s Power Tools™: 

Power ScriptTo create your Power Script, ask yourself the following questions:  What does writing mean to you?  What gets you excited about writing?  What do you say to yourself about writing?   What does this book mean to you?  What gifts and “creative” power are you going to use?  Whatever they are, Wake Them Up!  What words come to mind when you think about the work that you are about to create?  Write Them Down!  Use these words to create a phrase or short paragraph.  This is your Power Script.

Power Move:   To create your Power Move, ask yourself the following questions:  How do you prepare your body to write?  What physical movements do you make before or during the writing process?  How does it feel when you think about writing your book?  How do you walk, talk, breathe, when you think about yourself as an “author”?  Imagine and see the words, “Best-Selling Author” before your name.  Say it out loud.  How does that feel? Say it again!  Loud and strong, really believe it, really enjoy it.  Write the words that describe your movements and feelings down!   Power Anchors: To create Power Anchors and writing environment, ask yourself the following questions: Where do you feel comfortable writing?  Do you have a favorite spot where you like to write?  What place can you think of where you can feel relaxed, comfortable and are able to focus.  Decide that this is your writing spot.  Look at it, visualize yourself writing, creating, producing there.  Make it your “spot”.  If the first place you select doesn’t quite work, try another.  You’ll know you have the right writing environment when you begin spending a lot of time writing in it!  Keep adjusting till you get it just right! Do you have any memorabilia, souvenirs or “lucky” items that inspire you, remind you of a great writing session or signify a victory?  Put some of these items at your writing spot to inspire and motivate you.  Here are my Writer’s Tools™: 

Power Script:   Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  I love writing and I am so lucky to be able to write today!  Power Move:   I stand up, strong with lots of certainty, I begin smiling and laughing and rub my hands together fast to get them hot and ready to go.  I clap 4-6 times really loud then one more fast rub.  Now my body is totally engaged and I am excited about writing.  Power Anchors:  I have a favorite writing shirt that I like to wear.  It’s old and worn, has been with me around the world, it’s soft and comfy and I have had many great writing sessions in it.  My “official” writing spot is at my desk and my laptop.  I have my magic “writing” pen handy and a spiral notebook I use to jot down ideas and action items.  From my writing spot, I can look out and see grass and trees.  I can open the doors leading to a patio and feel a breeze and hear birds chirping.  Sometimes I light candles, or I play my favorite “writing” music.  This is my magic writing spot.   Get yourself in your creative zone, once you recognize it – write down everything you did to get there.  Have someone watch you prepare to write and during your writing session, then have them tell you how you look, how you sit, how you breathe, everything you do before and during your writing session.   

Anytime you want to write, trigger your Writer’s Power Tools™ and you can easily get in the creative zone because you know exactly what to do.  That’s really a key part to writing.   You are now prepared to write “on demand”. 

For complete instructions and exercises to create your Writer’s Power Tools™, the “Creating Your Writer’s Power Tools™:  How to Write “On Demand” ebook is available for purchase at  

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