I had an amazing experience yesterday, I learned about dyslexia. Always being an avid reader and great speller, I never imagined the challenges and pain of dyslexia. New author, Robi Jo Banks, completed her first book, “Words from the Mirror: Overcoming the Shame and Isolation of Dyslexia and ADD”. This is her personal story and extraordinary lifetime battle with this disabling “learning difference”. I was in awe of the pain and isolation that people who live in the world of dyslexia suffer. Robi Jo talks about “dyslexing” which is a playful way for compensating for the things you cannot do in a creative and fun way and achieving results that were once challenging.

This amazing story starts in the womb, where dyslexia is also born, as it is a “brain wiring difference”. I learned so much from her incredible story and this book she has written. Robi Jo’s mission is to help others get past the pain, the shame and the private isolation they put themselves in because of this, sometimes, dark secret. The stigma of not being able to read, write or comprehend the written word is enormous, devastating and very painful. Robi Jo is currently seeking stories from women, teens and children about their struggles and triumphs to include in her research and possibly, her book. If you or loved one has a story to share, she can be reached directly at RobiJoBanks@Yahoo.com. Her book will be both readable and “listenable”.

This is a heartfelt inspirational story. It shares her experience and it also provides solutions for achieving results. When writing an inspirational story like this, what may seem like a huge challenge can be accomplished by answering four simple questions:

1) What happened?
2) How did it effect you?
3) What did you learn?
4) What would you like to share with others?

If you have an inspiring story and want to write your book, think about and answer the questions above and you will be on your way. Just remember, write from your heart!

See you in the book stores!

Ann McIndoo, Your Author’s Coach

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