Margo Arrowsmith, LCSW. combines 30 years of professional experience with personal and honest lessons learned caring for her own aging parents for 10 years.  She has recently published her book, You Can Keep Your Parents At Home – Keep Your Job and Life and Save Your Fortune and Sanity. 

In her book you will learn Margo’s 4-Step Program on how to care for your own aging parents:

  • Let go
  • Organize
  • Value
  • Evaluate

And do it all with LOVE – it will save your job, family, wealth and sanity!

Margo says, “After Mom and Dad died I went through a mourning period, but then I was eager to get moving, to meet the millions of others who were doing what I had done and to share what I had learned with them.  I want you to be able to have it better than I did, not to make the mistakes that I made in caring for aging parents.  So I combined my years of professional experience and knowledge with my personal experience and made this book for you.  This has blossomed into a program that is helpful, fulfilling and maybe even some fun.”

Learn secrets about how to create a “care team” to do what you can’t or don’t want to do by using carefully chosen professionals, paid help and volunteers – it will save you a fortune.  You will also learn how to let go of the past and expectations for the present.

This book is very personal and filled with lots of Margo’s insights as well as the much needed professional information required to make good decisions.   Using these lessons and materials will help you establish a fulfilling routine with your aging parents that will enable you to keep your job and your life.  It will ultimately save you a lot of money too!  This book will make your life easier, perhaps even easier than if your parent was in an institution.

Congratulations Margo!  Wishing you great success with your important message and fabulous book!


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Margo Arrowsmith

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Baby Margo and her Dad

Baby Margo and her Dad

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