Giving Your Book an Extra Boost with an Author’s Technology

What is an Author’s Technology?  This is the system or process you have created for getting the results your book promises.  This is your special way of doing things.  Your Author’s Technology is your “secret recipe” and what makes you different from everyone else in your genre.   

Having an Author’s Technology is a great way to market and promote your book.  It gives you the opportunity to showcase your special tools and strategies.  I have created four different tools, strategies and events to assist authors write their book.  They are:   

  • Writer’s Power Tools™
  • Manuscript Grid™
  • Author’s Calendar and Workbook
  • Author’s Boot Camp™

These are all my “author’s technologies”; tools, strategies, processes and techniques I use to create the results I promise:  a completed manuscript.  I created a “tag line” or name for each of these strategies that I use in my business.   What are the benefits of having an Author’s Technology? 

On my website, bio, blog and promotional materials I have:  “Ann McIndoo, Creator of the Writer’s Power Tools, Manuscript Grid and Author’s Boot Camp”.   How does that benefit me and my business?   

  • Makes me different, sets me apart from others in the same field
  • Creates Curiosity
  • Lists added benefit(s)
  • Increases Perceived Value
  • Gives you an edge over your competition

When you buy something, do you look at the list of features and benefits?  I bought a new phone for my office a few weeks ago.  I compared 2 phones.  One had 8 bullets listing features and benefits, the other had 10.  They were both within $3 of the same purchase price.  I bought the phone with the 10 bullets.  I may never use all of them, but I feel I got more.   How many bullets does your book have?  As you are writing your book, create a “technology” for your subject.  This is a great way to create curiosity about your book and inspire your potential clients and customers to ask questions about your material.

How to create your Author’s Technology 

If you are a speaker, trainer, teacher, CEO, leader, specialist, or anyone who has created a system or process, you probably have already developed your “author’s technology.”  It is simply a matter of naming it.   

  • What is your specialty?
  • What are the key points you teach? 
  • What are the specific steps you created to accomplishing it? 

Once you have answered the above questions, you now know what your technology is, now it’s time to make it famous:   

  • Create a name or acronym for your process or technology. 
  • Pick a key word in your business or industry and create an acronym for it. 
  • Take existing information and develop steps, attach your name to it, and you are now the expert of this technology. 
  • Review the key points of your material and ask, “What else do people want to know about it?” 
  • Simplify it and add your special name to it.

Creating your own Author’s Technology is fantastic for How-To books because it creates credibility:  You have created a system or process that exists for your subject.  Look at your process and materials – where do you give the reader “steps”? Give these steps a name. You become the founder of the “X” Technology.   

You are now the founder of the “X” Technology for solving, creating, overcoming “(your key word).”   This is a big step in making yourself an expert in your field and separating yourself from everyone else.   

Ways to use your Author’s Technology in Marketing and Promotion 

Listed below are a variety of places you can use your Author’s Technology to market and promote your book.  Use a star or bubble to highlight your Author’s Technology. 

  • Press Kit
  • Website
  • Blog
  • Business Card
  • Promotional materials
  • Banners, flyers, announcements
  • In your introduction when you speak or present

To your writing success! 

Ann McIndoo, Your Author’s Coach 

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