Hello from the Young Miss contest. It was held last night at the Dallas Marriott South and as the contestants, their friends, family, and parents arrived, you could see who was entered. Some of the contestents came in self-assured and confident in their new clothes and high heels. Others, uncomfortable in brand new taffeta or velvet dresses, were shyly prodded by their folks to the “big room” at the front of the lobby. This room was filled with bright lights, rows of chairs and a large stage, but most frightening of all was the skirted table in front – the table reserved for the judges.

It’s interesting to watch the young girls, in very short skirts, or long dresses and high heels that they have never worn before. You could see how uncomfortable they were and it made me realize how afraid I was – that they would fall.

The one with the most sparkles wins, no it’s the fabulous heels, shiny hair, biggest smile, most assured presence. Who knows what it takes to win, but in my eyes, they were all winners, they showed up competing. They wore their Sunday best, combed their hair, and cowboyed up for a competition. Some knew a few of their competitors, others didn’t, however, all of the contestants learned something on their journey here and on their way home: what they did well and what they need to improve.

It’s the same in business, what lessons have you learned in your earning years? Have you enjoyed the victories? Cheered for others? Did you get dressed in your Sunday best, comb your hair and cowboy up for the competition? I did, and I loved it.

While I waited for my client last evening, I was reminded of all the amazing things my folks taught me, I learned from my teachers, some of my bosses, my dear friends and family, but most of all, my clients in business. They are all lessons to be appreciated and remembered.

Here are a few of my favorites:

• Be honest – give them all the details, up front
• Keep your promises – do what you say you will
• Over deliver – give them your very best, plus more!
• Treat each customer or client like a VIP – they will love you and send others

To your success!

Ann McIndoo, Your Authors Coach

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